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In today's volatile economy a company's ability to pay you can change at any time. If you aren't using a credit monitoring service to stay ahead of these changes, your business could suffer from bad debt or cash flow issues. Overnight, a trusted customer can become a debtor and a business that seemed secure can become a risk. Likewise, payments can be delayed for lots of reasons and putting unnecessary pressure on a previously good paying customer can damage your relationships.

Business update alerts can help you establish 'can't pay' from 'won't pay' by offering an up to date notification of changes in key business factors. With the right information, you can take timely and appropriate action while maintaining your most important relationships.

A credit monitoring service gives you early warning of potential problems

You can use our email alert service to keep on top of the changes in any business:

  • Quickly know about changes that could affect you with email notifications
  • Be the first to know if a business may not be able to pay (e.g. due to a new Court Judgement)
  • Get an up to date alert of a company's changing credit rating

Being kept informed of sudden changes in your customers' circumstances through a credit monitoring service means that you can stay on top of your accounts and take timely action with those businesses that may have problems paying you.

Alerts by email – keep up to date with changes

You can subscribe to receive instant alerts for 12 months notifying you of important changes to your customer or suppliers' business that could affect you. Alerts can be sent to you via email, making it a fully accessible service.

Alerts include:

  • Assessment Codes
  • Payment Codes
  • Bank Codes
  • Court Judgements
  • Company Name Changes
  • Company Status Changes
  • When ALL Directors of a company changes

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