What does my online business credit report include?

Full Business Credit Report

Depending on the information available, a full report may include:

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Business Credit Overview Report

Depending on the information available, the Credit Overview Report may include:

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Business Credit Overview - Add-on's

You have the option of selecting Add-on's to include in the overview report.

These include:

  • Score & Risk Band dashboard with Last Assessment and Judgements
    R 69.00
  • Banking information, Trade references & Ledger Information
    R 59.00
  • Associated Businesses, Branches & Premises
    R 19.00
  • Deeds
    R 19.00
  • Principals
    R 19.00
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Business Alerts

You can subscribe to receive instant alerts for 12 months notifying you of important changes to your customer or suppliers' business that could affect you. Alerts can be sent to you via email making it a fully accessible service.

Alerts include:

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Research Report

Should you require additional researched information on a business, you can request a researched report on Business Check.

The following business credit reports are available:

  • Bronze Report
    R 799 per report
  • Silver Report
    R 1299 per report
  • Gold Report
    R 1699 per report

These reports vary in content as well as level of research required.

Please note that researched reports on overseas companies or companies based in neighbouring countries to South Africa (i.e Botswana, Lesotho etc.) cannot be requested via Business Check. Should you require a researched report on an overseas company or a company based in a neighbouring country to South Africa, please send your request to servicedesksouthafrica@experian.com. The prices and delivery times for our international reports are: 10 day (R 1 401) or 5 day (R 2 574).

Standard delivery time is 5 working days.

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Bank Code Report

You can request a bank code on Business Check.

  • Standard 24 hour delivery
    R 59
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